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Пресс-релизы СНГ Eurofast; November Webinar Week. November 2015

Eurofast; November Webinar Week. November 2015

November 2015

Eurofast;  November Webinar Week

Following the success of the first round of webinar week, that Eurofast organised last October, we are pleased to announce that we are launching a second WEBINAR WEEK in November!

Staying on the same successful path, our company will be hosting 3 different webinars for 3 different countries, presented by 3 different experts!

The first webinar, taking place the 17th of November, concerns Bulgarian Residence and Citizenship by Investment for Non-EU Citizens. The second webinar, happening the 18th of November regards the benefits of moving your business to Free Zones of Bosnia.  The third webinar deals with everything you need to know about the Recent changes in Serbian VAT legislation for non-established businesses and will be presented the 19th of November.

All three webinars will be presented by Eurofast’s experts, experienced local professionals who will ensure that all aspects will be covered and all questions will be answered.

These virtual workshops will include PowerPoint presentations, allowing the participants to listen and view the information in real time!

For registration or more information regarding the webinars please visit http://www.eurofast.eu/global/eventsm or contact Eylem Philippou via email eylem.philippou@eurofast.eu or phone 00357 22699222.


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Компания предоставляет помощь в подборе и прохождении наиболее выгодной программы иммиграции для получения образования, ведения бизнеса, трудоустройства за рубежом.



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